A video guide for deaf and hard-of-hearing visitors has been released at the Tsvetaeva House Museum 17:09

A mobile video guide for deaf and hard-of-hearing visitors appeared in the house-museum of Marina Tsvetaeva, the press service of the capital’s Ministry of Culture reported. Now museum guests will be able to get to know the exhibits not only within the scope of Russian sign language excursions, but also on their own.

The message says, “The program provides freedom of movement and the opportunity to explore the exhibition at your own comfortable pace” and states that deaf and hard-of-hearing guests of the Tsvetaeva House Museum will be given guided tablets free of charge.

Minister of the Moscow Government, Head of the Department of Culture, Alexey Fursin, said that the video guide uses the most modern technologies for object recognition using neural networks, and this is the first time such a solution has been implemented in a Moscow museum.

“The principle of its operation is that by pointing the tablet at an object, a hearing-impaired visitor can dive into the history of the exhibits using short videos in Russian sign language,” Fursin said.

In the animated menu, you can independently select the exhibit you are interested in or use the system prompt: it will offer stories about the objects in the room. Another feature of the program is that when you point the tablet at an object, you can get information about that object. Information is presented in the form of short videos with subtitles in Russian sign language.

The project expert is Lyudmila Zhadan, philologist, Russian sign language teacher and tour guide.

The project team shot more than 12 hours of draft video and prepared a separate tour in Russian sign language for deaf and hard-of-hearing people who could not come to the museum yet. Available at: Youtube channel institutions.

The museum also clarified that the video guide and the tour are not repeated but complement each other.

The Ministry of Culture also reminded that Marina Tsvetaeva’s house museum has implemented a comprehensive program “The House Where No One Knocks…”, which includes special events for hearing impaired people, adapted excursions and training for the museum team. .

Source: Gazeta


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