New Year’s Eve performance fees of Russian stars have been announced 16:28

Singers Anna Asti and Vladimir Presnyakov will sing for the guests of the Barvikha Concert Hall on New Year’s Eve, tickets for the event are sold at prices ranging from 50 to 200 thousand rubles. writes about this

In addition, Asti will also perform at the VK Gipsy party, it seems that Presnyakov is also planning events. Sergey Lazarev and Valeria will sing in the Turandot restaurant, the price of tickets there varies from 80 to 135 thousand rubles. Singer Lolita will celebrate the holiday in Metropol, the cost of tickets varies from 130 thousand to 150 thousand rubles. Tatyana Bulanova, Soso Pavliashvili, Mota and Polina Gagarina have also already planned concerts for the New Year. According to media reports, all these stars will receive a fee of 4 to 5 million rubles for their performances.

Rapper Basta will celebrate the holiday on the Dubai stage, for which he will be paid 10 million rubles. Together with him at the event, Mitya Fomin and the group “Ivanushki International” will perform their hits – musicians will receive from 2.5 to 3 million rubles for the concert.

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Source: Gazeta


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