Kharlamov and Fedunkiv lent their voices to the characters of “The Canterville Ghost” 19:22

Russian actors Garik Kharlamov and Marina Fedunkiv voiced the main characters of the cartoon “The Canterville Ghost”, which will be released in Russia. In this respect reports “Film Distributor’s Bulletin.”

One of the cartoon characters was voiced by video blogger Milana Nekrasova.

The new version of Oscar Wilde’s story is directed and produced by Robert Chandler, who previously wrote and produced The Marvelous Maurice.

In the story, the Otis family moves to an old house on an English estate. Thus, they become neighbors of Mr. Simon, the ghost who lives in the mansion and forces all the mansions to flee.

“The Canterville Ghost” will be released in Russian cinemas on December 7. The distributor of the film in the Russian Federation is TenLetters.

In September recognizedactor Sergei Burunov lent his voice to Kota Bayun, one of the main characters of the film “At the Order of the Pike”, who has magical powers and puts travelers to sleep.

Previously actor Brad Pitt accused Angelina Jolie is in cahoots with a Russian oligarch.

Source: Gazeta


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