George Clooney learned about the sale of his Lake Como mansion from the media 19:23

George Clooney learned about the sale of his Lake Como mansion from the media 19:23

Actor George Clooney denied in a speech New York PostThe person who sold his mansion on Lake Como.

Clooney admitted that he learned about the sale of his house from the media. He said Page Six began spreading misinformation about his real estate and others did the same. The artist said it was a lie that he was planning to sell the house.

Clooney on September 24 exhibited Your mansion on Lake Como in Italy is for sale. Yıldız has owned the villa for 21 years. The actor paid $10 million for the 25-bedroom mansion in 2002; It is currently estimated to be worth $107 million.

George Clooney met his future wife Amal in this house in 2013. They married a year later in Venice. The couple has two children: six-year-old Ella and Alexander. According to George Clooney, before he met Amal, he considered himself single.

George Clooney gained widespread fame after his work in the TV series ER and the movie From Dusk Till Dawn. In 2006, he won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for the movie Syria.

Previously Laysan Utyasheva mocked offensive headlines about herself.

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