Home Culture Falcones published his new novel ‘Esclava de la libertad’ on 30 August.

Falcones published his new novel ‘Esclava de la libertad’ on 30 August.


Author Ildefonso Falcons will post new ones Novel‘Slave of freedom’, next 30 August.

With over 11 million copies sold worldwide, the Falcones struggle again in ‘Esclava de la libertad’. The subject of slavery in the Spanish colonies and its final consequences in the present era.

The Grijalbo label, owned by Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial, will publish the novel in Spanish in Spain and Latin America, and simultaneously release it in digital and audiobook format and as a Catalan version. Rosa dels Vents label. Titled ‘The Slave of Freedom’.

The novel chronicles the struggle for freedom of two black women at different times, colonial slave Cuba and 21st century Spain.

protagonist Kaweka, in Cuba a girl who will experience the horrors of slavery firsthandBut who will soon prove to those around him that he has the ability to communicate with Yemayá, an unstable goddess who at times gives him the gift of healing and the power to lead his brethren in the risky battle for freedom? .

In Madrid, there is a young mulatto Lita, the daughter of a woman who has spent her entire life serving. In the heart of the Salamanca district, at the home of the Marquises of Santadoma.

Despite her work and professional ambition, job insecurity forces Lita to turn to the supreme lords of Santadoma to seek an opportunity in the Marquess-owned bank.

As the young woman delves into the finances of the company and the history of this very wealthy family, she discovers the origins of her wealth and decides to start a legal battle for honor and justice.

Debuted with the Falcones ‘Cathedral of the Sea’become an unprecedented global publishing phenomenon.Recognized by both readers and critics, and published in more than forty countries.

His second novel ‘La mano de Fátima’ (2009) won the 2010 Rome Prize and his next ‘La Reina Descalza’ (2013) won the Pencho Cros Prize.

‘Heirs of the Earth’ (2016) was the long-awaited sequel to ‘Cathedral of the Sea’ and has also recently become a Netflix series.

In his latest novel, ‘Painter of Souls’ (2019), the author depicted the dawn of the 20th century when architectural Modernism changed the face of Barcelona.

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