A play with Teatro Principal de Alicante as the main character

Alicante’s Main Theater to host the next September 25 -the date of the completion of the 175th anniversary of its founding- national premiere widowed bridesBy writer and theater director from Alicante Juan Luis Mira Candel’s photo.. a production “From Alicante to Alicante” Where is Alicante coliseum stage and will also be one of the protagonists This is the story of Mira’s ending the Memory Theater Trilogy. sea ​​of ​​almond treescontinued with In an hour and now it ends with this new text.

The University of Alicante Master of Dramatic Art and Teatro Principal de Alicante are co-producing this work as part of their 175th anniversary celebration, the central act of which is the exhibition and recently published book on history, held in Lonja. of the theatre. Deputy director of the director, Mary Dolores PadillaAt the presentation of the work’s premiere, he pointed to the premiere of the piece, which encouraged Mira to “hurry” to finish the text when she met for its September premiere. “Because he wanted something from us, very Alicante and with the theater in the lead”.

widowed brides it’s a woman’s storyreading from a real event Juan Luis told Mira that the two young women were “preparing for marriage and were excited about their wedding when a bombardment ended their partner’s life.” they meet in the graveyard united by pain and to meet in mourning once a week in their wedding gowns, to commemorate their boyfriends and to dream of the life shortened by the war,” explains the author, adding that this friendship was broken in Port Harbor on the day of the bombardment. Alicante, with Stanbrook’s departure full of exiles to Oran “and one of them ends at the Teatro Principal, which after the war was used as a temporary temporary prison especially for women., because they didn’t all fit in the Los Almendros area. He sees himself in the scene where he sees Piquer or Angelillo singing and there account and He tells his story to audiences, those in 2022 and those in 1939.”

The young widow in this feminist story that begins by singing if women rule starring actress from popular zarzuela Main Arrarte will be accompanied by musicians, actors and arrangers on stage. Henry Pedron. Both worked on Juan Luis Mira’s two previous productions and still outline the final text of the story where the theater will be one more character, especially the music of time through kopla.

“I don’t want to make history” He points to Mira, who explains that she is looking. Anonymous people I’m interested in owning and bringing to the theaterwith stories that deserve to be told. I wanted to tell a dramatic story with music and with a smile that is essential to my writingAnd it’s a story that will touch the hearts of the audience and make them smile.”

for Main Arrarte “challenge” He takes on the function of “talking alone and with so much text for such a long time” that Mira mentioned to him a while ago, and he wants to be a part of “such a historical and such an emotional job”. For the musician Pedron it is also a “beautiful” challenge to bring music to the stage through a dozen songs “and see how we play these couplets without corrupting them and without an even copy”.

A glimpse from the presentation of “Widowed Brides” this Monday at the Teatro Principal in Alicante INFORMATION

John Sanderson, from the University of Alicante’s Master of Dramatic Art, acknowledges that it is “an honor” to contribute to the 175th anniversary of a theater that also appeals to Alicante’s historical memory, and to a theater that “goes beyond the referential city of Alicante”.

The rehearsals, which will start in the first two weeks of July, will continue in September after the summer. Sanderson will executive produce. Juanjo Llorens from Alicante will perform the lighting design, Julia White responsible for natural areas and costumes, Paco Alegre and Remedios Arenas.

Juan Luis Mira has credit fifty games, some of which are currently represented in various countries. mainly He directed six works and premiered four productions.. widowed brides This is his 50th message.

Summary and introductions

April 1, 1939. Remedios Planelles Beltrán, 23, is found in the nude scene of the Teatro Principal, which is set up as a temporary prison in Alicante. She wears a wedding dress that has wrinkled over time and has been dyed black. She always wanted to sing in that theater, but not under these circumstances. And in front of an audience that could be from 2022 or 1939, the widow tells and tells her love story between couplets, memories and even a few smiles.

Tickets are now available Via the website www.teatroprincipaldealicante.com or at the theater box office.

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