Actor Alexey Yanin died 20:38

Actor Alexey Yanin passed away reported At the Russian Academic Youth Theater (RAMT).

According to the theater’s press service, the news of the actor’s death came from his relatives.

“Today Lesha passed away. “He had been in intensive care since September 2, but his heart could not stand it,” it said.

RAMT said Yanin had been struggling with the consequences of a severe stroke for the past eight years. The man turned 40 in March.

The theater management expressed its condolences to the actor’s family and friends. Farewell time and place will be announced later.

In May 2015, Alexey Yanin suffered a massive stroke, which left him bedridden. His mother Olga and stepfather Nikolai looked after him. The actor’s wife, Star Factory participant Daria Klyushnikova, did not comment on rumors that he broke up with Yanina. According to the actor’s mother, Daria Klyushnikova, the wife of her son who participated in the Star Factory, and her grandson lived separately and regularly visited Alexey.

At RAMT, Yanin played Carrasco in Don Quixote, the prince in Cinderella, and Peter in The Possessed. Also “Odnoklassniki”, “Never Separated from Your Loved Ones”, “SSD”, “Mothers and Daughters”, etc. He is also known for his roles in TV series.

16 September recognized about the death of actor Vyacheslav Grishechkin.

Previously provenFeeling of loneliness increases the risk of early death.

Source: Gazeta


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