Theatrical clarity in ‘The Fog’



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Company: Burned Productions

Two names from the Golden Age… This brings back memories and conflicts they perpetuated with the weapons of poetry and words. Gongora and Quevedo. Different currents in the literary future of XVII. A story of enmity and rivalry. Because, according to tradition, they hated each other, at least to some degree. One confirms that he was at his home in Córdoba, the other that he was a prisoner at the Convent of San Marcos (León), accused, through absolutism, of spying for the French. A dreamy climate with Chema Cardeña and Juan Carlos Garés. Firstly, he is the writer and director of the dramatic comedy “Lasis”, undertaken by the prestigious Valencian company Arden Producciones with over 25 years of experience, with the intention of feeling the pleasure of classical theater through contemporary texts. A critical vision looking back to understand the present. The way this interpretive duel reveals a maturity with solvency, efficiency, the contrast between the two, and the certain intensity that Cardeña’s work requires, is greatly appreciated. The fact that one rejects worldly things and the other is more attached to worldly things was not exactly so in reality and in the texts of both. The lame, satirist and misogynist Francisco de Quevedo was almost twenty years younger than the cleric and poet Luis de Góngora. After all, they were not great enemies. Yes, some poems and puyas were initiated, as seen in these passages. But aesthetic dissonance was used to set them on irreconcilable sides, a division that continues to kick in with tragic and ludicrous meaning in our country. There are brushstrokes on the value of memory and art, justice or oppression. Disagreements are also evident in an audiovisual featuring comedian la Galda Lope de Vega, women’s rights pioneer María de Zayas, and King Felipe IV. There, with great success, Manuel Valls, Rosa López, Iria Márquez and Saoro Ferre intervened. Theatrical satisfaction and small folk in Arniches.

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