Goodbye to the master of the noir

He’s a good, shy, close man who will leave a personal void even greater than a literary one. The death of Domingo Villar Vázquez (Vigo, 1971-2022) shocked friends, family, colleagues and followers of the author, who had not recovered from a stroke earlier this week. The news that he had been admitted to Álvaro Cunqueiro Hospital early Monday morning for a subarachnoid hemorrhage worried them during his 48 hours in the intensive care unit and confirmed the fatal outcome yesterday afternoon. trilogy”water containers” (2006), “To Praia dos Afogados(2009) and “or the last boat “(2019) had placed it as Great reference of the black novel in Galicia and Spainreaching the category best sellers without giving up its creator’s roots.

With him “the foundations of the explosion of the world”Vigo phenomenon” and the estuary for filming and tourists in this decade. The appearance of a sailor’s body on Madorra’s Nigranense beach was filmed in 2015 by Gerardo Herrero. with players like Marta Larralde or Luis Zahera. On the opposite shore, guided routes through the Tirán neighborhood in Moaña continue to enthrall those seeking the blue house of Mónica Andrade beyond the Maruxía terrace, or the pristine beaches of this viewpoint, a fifteen-minute boat ride from the city of Olívica. He described Vigo as his private Ithaca. A “lost paradiseThe emotional memory that he moved when he closed his eyes while writing amused him with images of his childhood and youth. He returned to his happy place about five times a year, “even if it wasn’t everything he wanted,” as it has been said. During one of his visits to care for his mother, he was surprised that “devastating neurological emergencyAs the doctors described, as the mortality rate in the days after hospitalization is 30%. This type of paralysis is common in people over the age of 50 and is preceded by a severe headache.

Proud and distinguished Vigo

On March 24, he received the Distinguished Vigués award at the García Barbón Theater with emotion and gratitude.. It was the culmination of more than half a century that brought the city to life and backdrop to the investigations of the Aragonese inspector Leo Caldas, who even said they were “brothers” as the two sons of a winery owner. The detective’s favorite place to eat, the central Eligio Tavern, would remain closed during his struggle between life and death as it coincided with Galician Letters Day. reserving the building for Wednesday so that his closest friends can toast him and his memory. In those days the sky looked like this:rain and wind storm” as if it were before the disappearance of the hero of his last work. Galician shores will mourn his departure too.

This ten-year gap between his last two works was marked by the death of his first reader and listener, who communicated his first observations to him in each story and appreciated the musicality of the texts. The death of his father in December 2013 caused a 180º turn in his next novel. because he felt it was “lacking in depth”. In this way, 500 pages “stone crosses“It disappears to reach 700”or the last boatthat parenting and family relationships are a foundation. Since then, he’d read them aloud in Galician and Spanish to his wife Beatriz and their children Tomás, Mauro and Antón at the end of each chapter.; he can also forward Passion for Celta and the quarry. He witnessed that the young people who were caught up in literature with what they read continued to grow with him, and that he was a source of inspiration for known and anonymous artists who embrace Leo Caldas today, who also feel like orphans.

The manuscript of the beginning of his third novel, O Último Barco. | MGB

recent studies

Tragic news caught the investigator”it works because some human remains appeared in a cave overlooking the sea”. In this way, Villar developed the plan for his next work, and he already had a scene. “During the pandemic”some full stories(Siruela, 2021) is the film in which the narrator makes his debut with the stories he has passed on to his relatives for fifteen years. Galiciasea ​​and magic as fundamental axes. At the same time, Xerais will soon publish the story “That Brass” in a compilation of several authors. They will be the last tickets to plunge into the world the author has designed from the shores of the Vigo Golden Horn..

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