An off-duty national policeman helps an unconscious swimmer in Benidorm

A police officer on duty managed to resuscitate the swimmer who was pulled out of the water while unconscious in the river. Levante beach in Benidorm and lifeguard services and toilets continued with assistance until they stabilized and evacuated the man to the hospital.

Humanitarian aid took place on the Levante beach in Benidorm last Thursday. Loix’s Corner. Miriam Fuentes, a national police officer on duty, was spending a day at the beach when they started calling for help because there was a man facedown on the beach. The agent entered the water and took the man out. 62 year old British He was unconscious and his face was cyanotic.

Given its critical situation, the police began to implement first aid When the emergency services arrive. He performed resuscitation maneuvers and had the swimmer begin to froth and water out of his mouth, at which point he placed him in a lateral safety position.

Then a lifeboat came from the beach, who continued her resuscitation maneuvers and managed to restore her skin tone. Later, agents of the Benidorm Local Police and SAMU, Person who assists and manages to stabilize the swimmer before evacuating him to the hospital.

Source: Informacion


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