Domingo Villar in ten sentences

Domingo Villar’s is not goodbye. writer from Vigo died at age 51 Elderly at Álvaro Cunqueiro Hospitalentered the early hours of last Monday after suffering a subarachnoid hemorrhage. However, his work brought in vigo ‘top seller’ remains his immortal legacy.

Throughout this week, countless people have shown their support for the family and highlighted Villar’s numerous qualities as both a writer and a friend. at VIGO LIGHTHOUSEWe have compiled 10 sentences from the author to try to concentrate some of the essence of the author, a medium belonging to the same publishing group as this newspaper Prensa Ibérica.

  1. Creates what I write under the police A love story to Galicia

  2. Just like children play football because they want to be Iago Aspas, I wrote because I wanted to be Hemingway. Then life leaves you at one step of the way.

  3. In these times of liberated embrace, joy and friendship should be celebrated.

  4. Vigo is a lost paradise. A bit like Ithaca and Ulysses.

  5. Even though I’m a storyteller, I think my profession has more to do with it. keep your mouth closed and your ears and eyes open.

  6. Caldas and I are brothers because we are both sons of a wine producer father, born and raised on the banks of the estuary.

  7. At first, I admit (Caldas) seems like a bit of a lethargic guy, but over time I’ve learned to appreciate the way he exists.

  8. The first thing I look for in my novels is not plot, but to find the setting, the setting in which I want to develop the story.

  9. I am an insecure man, a rather fragile writer.

  10. Most of the time my family wakes up and finds me at my desk, where they left me when they went to bed.

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