Telecinco takes ‘Survivors’ nomination Friday to compete against ‘The Challenge’ finale

survivors It’s a redemption for Telecinco’s worst season in years. While the data is not data from past releases, it has managed to raise its grid and the chain is keen to make the most of that success. That’s why Mediaset announced today The last episode of the reality show Thursday moves to Friday night.

As you can see from the program preview, the main gala -which is on Thursday- it will start at 21:55 as usual, but will end at 1 pm. instead of two. That clock moves less to Friday nightespecially under the name of access prime time (between 22:00 and 23:00) ‘The Survivors: The Candidates’.

That’s why the chain saves one of the highlights of the premiere, where the weekly nominees are known. This is how you fight against the ‘challenge’ finale antenna 3. This is a completely new strategy, but we must remember that last year’s ‘Survivors’ finale aired on Friday night.

With this move, ‘Survivors’ almost completely take over the main time of the network. An in-access ‘Last hour’ is broadcast on Monday and Tuesday, while three weekly premieres are held on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. It remains to be seen whether this bet will continue in the coming weeks or if it is just an exceptional release to torpedo the competition’s talent.

Source: Informacion


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