Chanel on her Eurovision return: “We had a bad time but it was worth it”

Fans, or at least those who did not give up on the initiative, were able to enter the Plaza Mayor in Madrid, despite the crashing access problems experienced by attendees hours before the Hispanic-Cuban appeared. to receive the crowned “moral winner” of the song festival.

“It wasn’t even said that Ukraine would win, but We put on the best performance in our history“Before the artist appeared, one of Chanel’s followers in the audience commented.

one of the DJs LOS40 Classic He added color to the wait with the ‘YMCA’ of the villagers; Backstreet Boys’ ‘Everybody’ or Europe’s ‘The Final Countdown’. same Countdown All Chanel followers began to check their watches as the time of the singer’s appearance approached.

With the audience already lively, the DJ cut out Marta, Sebas, Guille and Amaral to reflect Chanel’s performance in the Eurovision final on the giant screens accompanying the San Isidro concert stage.

Thousands of people gathered in the residential area in the center of Madrid sang hymns until the last verse. Throats were broken by applause dance break The latest version of ‘Slo Mo’.

Tony Aguilar and Julia Varela, who performed the Eurovision premiere yesterday, took first place. And finally, they gave place to the hero.

Chanel came with a black dress that matched the corps de ballet, a bun in her hair, and sunglasses. “Excuse me for wearing glasses, but I have conjunctivitis”proved the singer right. “It’s 12 o’clock crying,” Aguilar said.

“Thanks for getting us on the ‘Slo Mo’ boat”

The people are delivered. Chanel a “winner, winner.” “As soon as we step off the stage, we feel the moral and artistic winners,” the Spanish-Cuban said.

“After all the bad things we’ve been through, because We’ve had it incredibly hard, it’s worth itChanel expressed it as an expression of gratitude for the “love” she and her team received in the days leading up to the Eurovision final.

The Spain representative deleted the social networks after the Benidorm Fest final due to the harassment she suffered because she was the winner and not Rigoberta Bandini or Tanxugueiras. “Thanks for getting us on the ‘Slo Mo’ boat,” she said.

Despite the tiredness of the artist and the dance team, they replied, “Let him sing, let him sing”. “I don’t hear anything,” Chanel told the team at the end of the song’s second bridge. The noise from the participants was deafening.

As if it were a football glory from the past, Spanish flags and ‘lo, lo, lo’ echoed, Encouraged by Tony Aguilar.

“The millionaire audience has elevated the festival to another category,” said Julia Varela.

With the performance of Hispano-Cuban, Spain is back on the eurovision map. Thank you Chanel.

Source: Informacion


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