Bunbury couldn’t get over his throat problems and canceled his farewell tour

singer from Zaragoza Enrique Bunbury announced that this sunday problems in his throat and heart “with all the pain” canceled tour Concerts scheduled in Spain as well as the United States.

“Unfortunately we have to announce in Chicago today that we cannot continue the tour the day before the ‘show at Rosemont. It’s completely out of my hands and against my will.Bunbury explained in a statement.

With “all the pain” in her heart, “…guess what i’ve already seen close“It is impossible for me to give any more concerts. “From what I understand, many of you have bought tickets for a ‘sold out’ North American tour and a Spanish tour aiming for the same thing,” he said.

As the artist explained in this statement, when he announced their ‘Last tour’ concerts two months ago, “fulfill commitments previously bought in both the United States and Spain.” “We arrived just in time with Latin America because no deals had been closed yet,” he explained.

However, given the “events”, he and his group sought to “reduce the ‘tour’ of both the United States and Spain”. “Leave as much time as possible between concerts” and so “make it as possible” to “respond” to your voice.

As he himself put it, the first performances of this farewell tour a few days ago began in New York and continued in Atlanta: “It was two magnificent concerts, both for the public and for us, the pride of certainty”.

Bunbury, 54, grateful for the “understanding” of his followers at what he described as a “painful” moment for himself and the entire team.

The man from Zaragoza, who will bid farewell to the US on June 6, still had concerts in Chicago, Houston, El Paso, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Anaheim. Starting in Cádiz on July 22, the Spanish tour would also pass through Murcia, Mallorca, Malaga, Pontevedra, Alicante, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Zaragoza, Granada, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Sevilla and Valencia.

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