Chanel: “I felt like a winner before I left the stage”

channelthird place Eurovision 2022 With the song “SloMo”, Best result for Spain since 1995He explained that he was happy and feeling happy at the end of the grand finale. “winner before stepping off” after “give absolutely everything”.

“It was a dream and now we are making it happen”He added that he thanked everyone who sent support for this “victory”. He drew attention to the artist, who said, “We felt that energy.” Message from the prime ministerPedro Sanchez.

Chanel wanted to dedicate her podium to her family, including those who remained on the podium. Cuba and who followed the festival from the island. In honor of these roots, this artist’s father (Catalan) was born in Havana and grew up in Barcelona. He followed the gala with the giant island flag from the stands.He’s with his brother, who carries one from Spain. “It’s in the self-mix,” he stressed.

“I think it’s worthwhile for Ukraine to win. We’ve been supporting them from minute one and we think they’re incredible artists.”commented winners, group Kalush OrchestraIt was driven by a wave of European solidarity due to the Russian occupation.

However, he did not want to comment on whether the outcome of the festival would have been more beneficial for him had it not been for this conflict: “We have no idea. We’re focused on ourselves.”

He also had a few words for his predecessor in the classification: British Sam Ryder, whom he melted into his embrace at the end of the gala and who he says about himself as “gentleman”, a very nice person and an incredible artist”.

“My heart is so soft right now I’d say yes I would go back to Eurovision but it’s fair for others to experience it, which is incredible, but You have to be very strong and have such a team”He added this stock for future editions to Leroy Sánchez, the author of “SloMo,” before releasing it.


Chanel’s performance at Eurovision 2022

Accordingly, in the next issue of Benidorm Fest, he encouraged all artists who want to follow in his footsteps: “Nothing has been written about cowards; art must always prevail with humility and heart”.

His victory in the Eurovision pre-selections was bittersweet, because filled with comments about a possible “tongo” against their rivals.

“I always say that I don’t work for others, I only work for myself, for the team, not for the bad energy out there, only for the good. And if my mouth is shut, I did nothing about it, just for a job born from the heart“, pointed out in this regard.

During her interview with the press, Chanel learned: Spain offered to host the festival in 2023 In case Ukraine can’t. “I want it anywhere but Barcelona is my cradle and Madrid is my home”, When asked where he wanted the chair to fall, he pointed.

An artist who also claims himself as a theater artist (“Long live the musicals!” he exclaimed.), the choreographer of American Kyle Hanagami, a previous collaborator with stars like Jennifer Lopez, had this to say about Cuban-Hispanic: “represents a new generation of artists.”

And now, after weeks of staring at himself, he and his crew have admitted that they’re going to light the tension with a party in Turin (Italy) and a whim that drives him crazy: “I’m going to eat lots of chocolate and paella.”

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