Bruno Frances from Alicante enters the world of poetry with “The Girl with the Umbrella”

bruno frenchAuthor of the successful youth epic of Job Rompepiedra (Supercity and Job Stonebreaker Y super city 2.0), firsts in poetry with girl with umbrella (Libros Indie), a work compiled 83 poems from a love story that lived a year and that ended just before the pandemic. Book, foreword by the author Espido Freirepresents This Saturday at 6 pm. in the company of psychologist and writer at Casa del Libro in Alicante Carmen Calvo Novell.

Frances (Alicante, 1971), who wrote songs before entering the narrative every day he dedicated a poem written on a napkin to the girl he loved during that year. When the relationship came to an end, he saw in poetry the best way to make good use of what he experienced in the face of the outbreak of the pandemic. “I thought it was nice to get something like this out of such a difficult situation and turn the grief that comes about when a relationship ends into something good» explains the author who thinks he is. girl with umbrella It is a book that tells a story with a beginning and an end in chronological order with poems.

French, which is in the 83rd book of the three hundred poems written, some as short as an aphorism, some longer, “Some are more romantic, some are sadder, but always sincere” points to the self-declared author of poetry. Cyrano de Bergerac.

Espido Freire, who doesn’t usually write forewords for books, writes in the book that Francés’s work He speaks of “a kind of love that lifts us a few feet off the ground”.» and in «20. observes the reading of 19th century poets rather than the poets of the 19th century.

French primary school teacher with her first novel catch the day He won the I Ateneo Joven de Sevilla Prize in 1996 and was a finalist for the Nadal Prize in 2002. what will never be forgotten, Prepare the third part of Supercity and retouching the manuscripts of previous novels written for adult audiences. “I love change,” she says.

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