Itinera Festival, a democratic formula for distributing culture

beaten Catalonia in 2020in the midst of an epidemic. It made its first edition and was expanded to the Valencian Community last year. Iberian press -INFORMACION editor group-, with the purpose Bring music to towns with less than 2,000 inhabitants promoting culture in small municipalities and combating depopulation. “We want to create equal opportunities for all people so that they too listening to the same music and having the same culture more than in urban areas,” he said. Marcel MarthaDuring the opening of this second one, which was held at the Óscar Esplá Music Conservatory in Alicante, with the participation of the central director, the festival director, Jose Vicente Asensi; Jeanette Segarra general manager Valencia Anti-Population Agenda; Andres PerelloManager of Casa Mediterráneo and Tony Cabotmanager Club INFO.

For Marata “this a very democratic and very atypical festival», with the connection of the ensemble to integrate with the three higher music conservatories «and recommend it to students and groups who want to step up the ranks». Moreover, in an edition that will include professional musicians in performances and will last until October. “Another potential that the EU recommends to us is that there will be exchanges and that what has been done here can be seen in Catalonia and that what has been done in Sardinia is transferred here. In fact, we’ve already done a gospel concert on a boat from Catalonia to Ibiza and will be doing another one on the way from Ibiza to Valencia. The director of this meeting, who said that it is a festival that travels in every way, stated that he considers it as a “happiness wheel” for everyone who attends.

Toni Cabot, José Vicente Asensi, Jeannette Segarra, Marcel Marata and Andrés Perelló during the presentation. Joseph Navarro

land of musicians

jose vincent asensi as a community center Being a public service is in our DNA. to give to society, not everything, but a large part of what we receive». Born in the small town of Sella, he admitted that he “had little ability to reach out to his neighbours.” a music that only happens in big cities That’s why this initiative is important.”

In addition, “our students do extracurricular practices». And these goals “come together in the philosophy Itinera stands for.”

If the President of BİLGİ Club; Tony CabotHe stressed that the community is “. land of music and very good musicians», «to take it to the last corner is a self-defining undertaking». Therefore, “How can we from Princess Ibérica not support this initiative?”

A moment from the performance of the saxophone group. Joseph Navarro

“If there is such a thing as the Mediterranean, it is music” Andres Perello Underlining that Casa Mediterráneo is working in this environment “together with other countries” to combat depopulation.

It also highlighted democratic character of gangs“Because you see 160 people, including dentists, engineers, unemployed or people from different professions”. That’s why it’s important to “focus on something that can serve that small town, have a motivation that can be the seed of something else.”

against population decline

Extended Itinera also to the Balearic Islands and Castilla-La Mancha and next year to Sardinia, It’s music, but it’s also something else. assumes fight against the abandonment of small municipalities The Community with 180 people at risk of population decline. something you fight jeanette segarra Via the Valencia Anti-population Agenda.

Some guests at the event, during the concert. Joseph Navarro

“We worked with the Band Federation, but it is impossible for this kind of music made from conservatories to reach these regions; to take these small municipalities win-win venture because students will be able to get to know these inner towns that are jewels”. For Segarra, «culture plays an important role because it gives visibility to these areas and brings them closer to people”.

The event came to an end with a concert given by Oscar Esplá Conservatory Saxophone Six, governing six blacksmithsWith works by Yoshimatu, Albéniz, Granados or Stravinski.

Source: Informacion


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