Alicante City History Archive, a story of abandonment

with several functions Generalitat website It says it can be done at the Alicante Provincial Historical Archive. No orientation and personalized advice, no near attention to face-to-face or remote consultations, no guided visits, no restoration lab.

A manager, two assistants (one about to retire and the other about to retire) and a janitor. That’s all the staff AHP has today, as reported on the center’s twitter yesterday. More than 9,000 square meters opened in 2008 with the investment ministry of cultureBut self-government, which one is Annual budget of 65 thousand euros.

The technician, who was on the interim regime two weeks ago, went to another organization due to the uncertainty of the future, and yesterday the manager said, Maria del Olmotook sick leave. Condemning the “indifference” of the Generalitat, the head of this body reassures, “This is not a new situation.” “whatever the political sign”. “These survivors can do administrative work, but they cannot do archiving. Such an archive needs to be closed, it is not possible to function.”

As he explained, the technician who left his post two weeks ago informed by phone before departure To the head of the Archive Department of the Ministry of Culture and then at the time of termination, AHP transmitted by mail divided into the same department. There was no answer. And just yesterday, I know Notification of the dismissal of the director by mailanswered by a phone call in the afternoon.

However, the Ministry of Culture issued a statement this morning. confirmation “last Monday, May 9“Alicante Archive has vacancies for technician”. According to this article, “Administrative action has been initiated to close the vacant position urgently”. And regarding the lack of director of the Provincial Historical Archive, Alicante said of her job, “We were informed by social networks and the media. to this department. sick leave or communication did not come Archive director of working status”.

“Everything is reported and there is a written record of everything, but they did not respond by offering any solutions,” Del Olmo says, but says he thinks this is the case. “Any Community archive is better equipped than thisThe absence of a center in the three provinces where we operate is an aggravating situation”. In fact, exhibitions are held from their collections, school campaigns “With 20,000 students per year”, conferences and events are held, as well as an event to explain documents and engage researchers. “a Reference center in Spain And there is absolute indifference here, instead of rewarding ourselves for a job we do well and for how we set an example, we see indifference and abandonment.”

It will be required for proper operation a staff of at least 9 people: management, a restaurateur, two technicians, two assistants, an administrative and two janitors.

a hard road

This situation that the Historical Archives is in is practically the straw in which an abandonment trajectory has broken the camel’s back. Alicante Public Library (now Azorín) moved since 1974 new babel building. The staffing that took place at the time was “not up to the level of the building or its contents”, because fixed template not createdbut it was done temporarily.

In 2008, there were 12 people in this institution, this figure had halved in 2019. Closure of the researcher room between May and October. At that time the place was temporarily filled with the now departed technician. Meanwhile, the previous director Esperanza López retired in 2009 and her job empty for ten years, that is, he was directionless in this center for a full ten years. And in November of last year, restaurateur went to another position It is also temporary due to lack of job security and the position could not be filled. “Since 2019, we’ve had some very scathing letters from the official registry about the situation, but we’ve had no response other than that patch in 2009 to ensure we’re not closing rooms in any way.”

The thing is, it’s also reference restoration laboratory And although the Ministry spent a million and I insisted on this issue many times, they did not come up with a solution and those machines exist without being used, if they are not used, they break down,” he said.

The truth is, if a researcher goes to the Provincial Historical Archive now, concierge who needs to get the documents “because the questioner cannot be left alone”. This means that “the center has no one left at the reception during this time and the assistant is not doing their job”. And adding to it If there is no technician, you cannot order and file the incoming documents.. “We are constantly receiving money transfers, but they are stored in boxes because there is no staff to handle it.”

“We want to do a good job and respond to the citizens, the center runs on public money and we need to manage it to deliver a good service,” María el Olmo reassures.

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