Oltra thinks discussion with Bravo is over: “Unspoken, matter settled”

Overcome the last encounter, at least face the gallery, and probably wait for the next encounter as usual. Mónica Oltra, Vice-President of the Valencian Government, claimed to have ended the train crash with Minister of Justice Gabriela Bravo. A conflict that does not stop between them, but with aftershocks that are not exactly minor, between the ranks of PSPV-PSOE and Compromís. The Minister for Equality and Inclusive Policies also considers the discussion “closed” because Bravo “did not say what he said on the radio,” he thinks. For this reason and according to his words, he won the game.

While the Minister of Justice told COPE last Tuesday that “everyone owns their own decisions, has their own measure of value and must make their own decisions”, in his case “he would think” if “the credibility of the institution he represents is compromised”. It’s all in a context where Oltra’s continuity is increasingly being called into question as we see Oltra on the verge of possible indictment to cover up a case of minor abuse under the guardianship of the Generalitat. ex-husband who works as an educator.

When asked again this Thursday about these statements in the face of the controversy, Bravo said: “I have not made any statements about Mónica Oltra, I have expressed a personal opinion on the possibility of an accusation and the possibility of compromising her credibility. I have neither sent a message to a government colleague nor sent a message to Oltra’s “I told him he should resign,” he said.

After hearing these words from his government partner, the vice president feels that this discussion, at least in public, is not enough. “He took back what he said on the radio and when one came back to himself”, it’s a “closed matter” for him.

Oltra was also asked if he could cite Gabriela Bravo as an “example of corporate loyalty” for statements he assured Wednesday he would not do by Valencia mayor Joan Ribó. “I would give many examples of corporate loyalty, but I don’t need it,” she said.

Source: Informacion


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