Group “Leningrad” released a new song about sanctions

The Leningrad group posted a new clip on the sanctions on YouTube, Our Economy. In the video, team leader Sergei Shnurov acted together with protégé Ksenia Rudenko under the pseudonym Zoya Zimes.

According to the plot, Zoya is the host of the fictional LenTV channel, and Shnurov is a reporter who, against the backdrop of domestic factories and planes, tells viewers about import substitution.

“Pumping oil, gas. And at the factory, the indicators always tend to fall. Great faces appear on the wall. There were times and there were people. We are big in terms of territory, but on the contrary, ”says Snurov ironically.

The video received more than 870 thousand views and 62 thousand likes during the day.

“I watched and listened to it 10 times in a row. Brilliant, up-to-date”; “Over there. The running line is a masterpiece! The text is brilliantly simple. Bravo, Sergey and Zoya! “This is the best economic review I’ve heard in a year!”; “The mood is up. Thanks Zoya and Sergey,” listeners praised the humor in the comments.

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Source: Gazeta


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