Jack Kehler, actor of The Big Lebowski, has died aged 75.

Actor Jack Kehler The artist, whose career spanned several movies and TV shows, passed away this Saturday. complications leukemia At the Los Angeles hospital. This was reported by his son to the American cultural magazine ‘Entertainment Weekly’.

Known above all for his performance as the host of Dandy in ‘The Big Lebowski’, Kehler has nearly 200 television and film credits and has worked in front of the cameras for over 40 years, as well as on films by directors such as the following directors. Kathryn BigelowTony Scott David Lynch or brothers coen.

started playing on the screen in the 1980s and acted in movies and films until his death. commented Harlan-Wyndam Matson paper In the Amazon series ‘The Man in the High Castle’, Frank Szymanksi’s ‘Murder One’ and the subsequent mini-series ‘Murder One: Diary of a Serial Killer’.

Among other roles, she starred in serials. ABC sitcom ‘I’m With Him’ He acted in the mini-series ‘Fresno’ in 1986. Thus, he recently acted in ‘The Magicians’, ‘Love’, ‘Victor’ and -still under production- ‘The Platinum Loop’.

In his most popularly known appearance in ‘The Big Lebowski’ (1998), Kehler played Nota’s house dancer Marty Randall. Jeff Bridges, asking him to attend one of his performances and reminding him of the ease of paying the month’s rent.

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