Colombia responds to drug revolt by promising more extraditions to the US

head Colombia, Ivan Duke, promised new returns United States of America some chefs Gulf Clanin response to the decision of the most important of the groups drug dealers promoting an armed strike in 11 regions of the country where at least 12 people were killed and significant economic damage was reported. “‘Gonzalito’, ‘Siopas’ and ‘Chiquito Malo’ will also fall in the short term. The men and women of our Public Power are stronger than ever before,” Duque said.

The so-called Gaitanista Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AGC), a gang derived from the far-right paramilitary activities of previous decades, told the Government, violence and intimidation of the civilian population in response to the sending of its main leadership to the United States, Dairo Antonio Usuganicknamed Otoniel, is on trial by a court in New York.

Threats from the AGC were felt in nearly 180 municipalities, some of which were completely paralyzed, with more than 300 actions including ambushing security forces, burning buses and ordering the closure of businesses and schools. The image of a man reflected in the media tied hands and feet He summarized the impact on the population since last Thursday, when he was beaten by two thugs for refusing to abide by the curfew.

AGC’s measure of force should conclude this Tuesday night, but will then be the subject of deep political debate amid the election campaign for the 29 May election. Gustavo Petroleft-wing coalition Historical Pact’s candidate leads the polls, followed by the right-wing candidate Federico Gutierrez.

The Ministry of National Defense reported that only 3 civilians and 2 policemen lost their lives in these actions that started on May 6. The Office of the Ombudsman multiplies this number by four by the death toll. Luis Fernando Suárez, Government Secretary of the northeastern part of Antioquia, made a request to the national authorities. Greater presence of uniforms dealing with drug dealers.

a show of strength

“After his capture otniel Not only have there been more than 300 arrests, we have managed to search the assets and properties of this organization and have seized more than 60 tons of hydrochloride. cocaine. We will continue to hit all their regional structures,” Duque bragged.

Different political analysts are far from sharing the presidential enthusiasm. They claim that the blockade carried out by these armed groups, which reached its most dramatic point this weekend, is a clear demonstration of the strength of the AGC. This contradicts Bogotá’s notion of the actual existence of drug trafficking in these areas. The Gulf Clan, different media outlets agree, it is far from being merely a bastion of crime or being on the verge of a final blow by the State.. Strictly speaking, the police themselves admit that this gang is the heir to paramilitarism, consisting of at least 3,800 people.

In this context, Alfredo Molano Jimeno, columnist for the Bogota newspaper ‘El Espectador’, pointed out that the armed strike “brings the country back to the years of the armed attack”. paramilitarism led together“. The response to Otoniel’s extradition was “a show of mighty power.” For Molano Jimeno, Duque doesn’t quite understand that this is happening. The Colombians were also able to confirm it.”the paramilitary project is not deadBecause “his power today is greater than Carlos Castaño himself, head of the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia, a federation of far-right paramilitary groups from all over the country, could have imagined”.

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