The representative of Sergey Lazarev commented on the news about the cancellation of concerts

Elena Dikevich, representative of the singer Sergey Lazarev, commented on the reports of the cancellation of the concerts of the artist, reports DEA News”.

According to him, all tours are registered, information about it is indicated on the artist’s website.

“Someone informed about the cancellation of the concerts, another fake,” the spokesperson said.

Earlier, information appeared about the alleged failure of Sergey Lazarev to give a concert against the background of the departure of major labels from Russia. So, in the Ministry of Culture of the Lipetsk region reportedHe said that he will not perform at the concert of the musical-patriotic marathon “Za Russia” in Lipetsk, and Nikolai Baskov will perform instead. The music marathon “ZaRussia” will cover more than 30 cities in different federal regions, and the marathon will end on May 5 with a series of concerts in Samara.

Also Lazarev refuted Messages about immigration from Russia. He stressed that he did not make such a statement.

Source: Gazeta


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