The Sex Pistols play the iconic ‘God Save The Queen’ during World War II. Reissued in Elizabeth’s Jubilee

The Sex Pistols will re-release the once controversial ‘God Save The Queen’ on May 27. Queen II in June. Perhaps the most iconic anti-hymn in punk history, completed on February 6 to mark the 70th anniversary of Elizabeth’s accession to the throne.

The anti-system song, which was vetoed at the time by the British public organization BBC, released in May 1977 and has become a cult theme today, will be heard strongly again from 2-5 June. The so-called Platinum Jubilee of British ruleone, 96 years old.

Provocative anarchic lyrics and strong anti-establishment content – World War II. They compared Elizabeth’s reign to a fascist regime – it reached number two on the UK’s best-selling album charts.

‘God Save The Queen’ also became the only single on the national charts to apply to an empty title to avoid crime.

The English quartet had to pay a high price for their bravery. More than four decades ago, musicians were arrested when they tried to promote their songs alone on a boat sailing on the River Thames.

Also, the then-record label A&M decided to give up the controversial group, which released the song with Virgin after signing a new contract.

On this occasion, on the occasion of the date appointed to celebrate His Majesty’s long reign, Virgin will re-release 4,000 copies of the song and 1,977 copies of the original A&M version..

In fact, at that time, 25,000 unreleased copies of ‘God Save The Queen’ were destroyed, with only a few preserved of the originals edited by A&M.

This version will include a B-side from the original version of ‘No Feelings’, while the Virgin edition will include ‘Did you do it wrong?’ it will include.

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