Nintendo Switch Sports comes with every intention to get you in shape

In 2006 the whole world discovered that anyone can play. video gameNo matter your age or previous experience, when the Wii invites us to get up from the sofa and play tennis, bowling or boxing with family and friends in the living room. Very revolutionary at that time, the idea Play a video game with a simple flick of your handIt ended the established vision of video games and allowed ‘Wii Sports’ to conquer 82.9 million homes.

it starts now The last episode of the legend ‘Switch Sports’Leveraging Joy-Con control technology to make gaming more fun using the real movement of your body. Get ready to play literally six different sports with whoever you want.

‘Change Sports’ includes six match events: tennis, bowling, chambara (sword), volleyball, badminton and football. In tennis (1-4 players), take the Joy-Con and swing it like a racket at the right time to launch the ball. Challenge your friends to a tournament in bowling or take on others online in matches of up to 16 players. You can also engage in solo challenges where you have to dodge moving obstacles, roll the ball across tight surfaces and more.

Chambara (1-2 players) is a fun sword game that you will have to play. throw the opponent off the platform so it falls into the water below. You can choose from three types of weapons, each with their own characteristics, such as the twin sword, which involves wielding both Joy-Cons at the same time.

In volleyball (1-4 players), using the remote lift, pick, place and finish ball. If you raise your arms at the right time, you can block the opposing team’s shots and even fight. In badminton (1-2 players), hold the controller like a racket, hit the racket and throw it left or right, trying not to hit the ground. You will be able to make powerful shots and sibylline drops to take advantage of the opponent.

Finally, you can play soccer (1-8 players) one-on-one or four-on-four matches. A free software update will be released this summer that will allow the leg strap to be used in matches. Also, another free update in the fall will add golf as an additional sporting discipline to the game.

You can play all these sports alone, but the real fun is gather friends They compete against each other on a single console in front of the TV. If conditions don’t allow you to get together physically, don’t worry, you can go online for both private multiplayer sessions and random opponents. Delivery introduces customization of avatars or “Sports Buddies” as a novelty.

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