Kutsenko says she can’t be friends with male actors 21:33

Actor Gosha Kutsenko admitted in an interview with the Telegram channel “Star”cannot be friends with a male colleague.

Kutsenko admitted that his closest friends are actors. According to the star, it is impossible to be friends with actors. He described most of the male actors as “jealous and alcoholic”. “But I’m very friendly with girls,” said the artist.

Kutsenko believes that working on the stage is very close. That’s why she loves to act in the theatre. The artist also gets along well with young and “reckless” actresses. Kutsenko noted that he could only play on stage with his friends.

Previously, the film “Love-carrot: Rise of the Machines” was released with Gosha Kutsenko and Kristina Orbakaite in the lead roles. artist I couldn’t do it come to the movie premiere Andrei Volgin announced that the star is currently on tour.

The fourth episode of the “Love-carrot” tape tells how the spouses enter the bodies of the robots and try to reconcile with the children.

Kutsenko in February Confessed in love with singer Tatyana Bulanova.

Source: Gazeta


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