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it’s called a novel Unknown woman. written by Rosa Montero and Olivier Truc. Alfaguara just published the book and I really read it in one go. Your bill is perfect. Nothing is missing and above all nothing is left.

Rosa Montero needs no introduction among Spanish readers. His partner in this literary adventure, Oliver Truc, has published crime novels set in the Scandinavian jungle and is a veteran journalist who has been a Baltic correspondent for Le Monde and covering the war in Ukraine. He began to give continuity to the first part of this story from Zaporiya, the work of the Madrid writer, conceived as a four-handed novel project sponsored by the Lyon Quais du Polar crime novel festival. Part by part, both authors alternately brought continuity to the work. It is not, then, the “perfect corpse” at all, as the editorial subtexts imply, because unlike that artistic game of the surrealists, here each writer knows what the other is writing. In this, Unknown is no different from an experimental novel, sponsored by the Detection Club, not unlike an experimental novel such as The Floating Admiral (1931) in which Dorothy L. Sayers, GK Chesterton, and Agatha Christie participated, among others. . In it, each author kept the solution of the enigma in an envelope, and at the end, the reader could compare the path and chapter of the crime of each author of the crime.

However, although there is little or no experimentation here, the novel’s design as a challenge between two writers who have mastered the crime genre and journalistic language gives the text a conciseness and overwhelming speed. Rosa Montero rightly says that the principle in journalism is openness, while ambiguity is important in novels. Here, both authors develop the text in clear, unambiguous prose with direct language that undoubtedly comes from journalism. But they also create disturbing and ambiguous scenes. Officially, they remind us of some dreams in which objects and subjects are very well defined, as in a Magritte painting, yes, but the whole is extremely vague and therefore disturbing.

The novel begins and ends in the port of Barcelona with Rosa Montero, a special role of a German shepherd dog. The city of Lyon also shares the stage. The central theme is the hell of the hero’s memory, where the emptiness of what he doesn’t remember roars in his head. A victim with a body literally written by life. I’m not revealing any more. Listen to this duet for violin and viola.

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