The author of the Marvel game “Midnight Suns” called James Gunn’s plan to develop the DC Universe a “nightmare.”

Jake Solomon, creative director of the Marvel “Midnight Suns” video game, has called the new DC Studios executives James Gunn and Peter Safran’s plan to develop the DC multimedia universe a “nightmare.” He shared this view on his Twitter page.

“For us in Midnight Suns, that would be a nightmare. I understand the attraction (I guess), but movies and games are so different. And what kind of pressure is that putting on the big voice actors in the games industry in different universes. And so they have to stay and they’ll stay,” he said. wrote Solomon.

Before that, James Gunn and Peter Safran, who took the helm of DC Studios three months ago, announced that movies, TV series, cartoons and games based on DC comics will be intertwined in the future. Especially in animations and games, the characters will be voiced by the actors who portray them on the screen.

Previously Logan director James Mangold may reportedly be directing a Swamp Thing movie for DC.

Source: Gazeta


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