Will the first eliminated ones repeat their time at Benidorm Fest 2023?

The five candidates who could not make it to the final were nervous and the pressure was lifted. Benidorm Festival 2023 They answered one of the highly anticipated questions: Will the first eliminated repeat their time at the festival? Despite asking for time to put this option on the table, none of the artists ignore it.

It had been only a few hours that five eliminated He appeared in front of the microphones at the music competition. The question is, will they return to the Benidorm Festival? This Alicante Sofia Martin “I would go back,” he said, as the festival is a “giant speaker” that allows “to connect with people, not just on television but through networks.” The young woman affirms that it is “an opportunity to feel better as an artist”; although he dared not give a date: “I don’t know what will happen next year.”


Benidorm Fest: Unclassified for the final and Mónica Naranjo’s press conference
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Y,angels? Jonathan, Javier and Lorenzo agreed with the woman from Alicante: “You didn’t have time for us but it was an amazing experience” meaning “of course we are ready” but “now we will think about the next months””. Aritz’s answer is also positive: “Yes, I would go back without thinking, this is an opportunity.”

Cristóbal Garrido, whose stage name is Sharonne He described Benidorm Fest as a “life opportunity” that you “must take advantage of”. As he re-introduced himself, he stated that “this great experience is worth living” and therefore “not to be overlooked” because “you can’t say you’re never going to drink this water. It would be great.”

Twin Melody is clear on this: “We think like everyone else. It’s a great experience worth it.” They described the festival as “a really great platform for people to get to know you. Yes, we would do it again.”

Five artists shared their first impressions after taking to the 3,500 square meter stage of the music event. After the performance, Meler stated that we “relaxed a bit” after the last three months of stress and work. “We recorded everything, but when we got there, everything was too much, everything was beautiful.”

AND, What will the eliminated do these days? Meler plans to “enjoy” both his colleagues and Benidorm “without the pressure we lift” by Sunday. “The people of Benidorm are incredible. It was a dream for us,” they stressed.

Twin Melody They said they got the “adrenaline” and “we had a great time”. From now on “we will not stop, we will continue with music and networks”. “We love this area of ​​Alicante” where you plan to meet their fans and “Tik-tok save” because they will benefit from the rest of the days.

Alicante Sofia Martin he “takes pride in his performance. It’s been a great experience with great people.” Regarding her performance at the festival, the young woman said, “You learn from mistakes. Not to fall. I will work harder than ever.” For him, “the road does not end here, but there is a long way to go”.

“I want to repeat and repeat,” said Martín, “I felt like a superstar on stage” and “to be the best version of myself.” The rest of the days, “I’m going to rest and write songs because I’m so inspired.” Martín was last, but “I’m so proud of myself.”

“I’m very happy,” Aritz said.I loved being on stage and lived with great enthusiasm”. Thus, he emphasized, “I understand that so much work is rewarded” and “I am ready to improve to give the best version of me”. Cristóbal Garrido, whose stage name is Sharonne, described her situation when she took the stage: “I thought I couldn’t sing.” Because the cold had made him suspicious. But he did it “I don’t know if it’s because of the adrenaline”.

“I wanted to go out and act” and highlighted the public’s support: “The love was incredible. It’s a sum and it goes on.” He also highlighted the opportunity he seized at Benidorm Fest, which featured “characters reduced to small spaces,” as in Drag Queens.

Mónica Naranjo and why ‘Diva’?

Mónica Naranjo was one of the most anticipated after her magnificent performance in the first semi-final. The host of the first semi-final had yet to decide at Benidorm Fest, and he did so on Wednesday in a unique enclave: Castell de Benidorm with the “sky line” in the background.

“What a beast you are.” That was the first sentence RTVE’s director of communications, María Eizaguirre, said to him. And that’s your performance. The presenter ended with applause and applause from all the audience.. Naranjo sang ‘Diva’, the 1998 Eurovision-winning song performed by Dana Internacional. The choice was not trivial: “We put a lot of options on the table, and this one won because of the personal association it had with my mother.”

The singer explained. When Dana played 25 years ago, “I was watching Eurovision with my mom and it really impressed us.” So there was tribute. “We all know the amount of repertoire Eurovision has.. It was complicated, but we wanted it to be a special moment.”

Naranjo had a long night: “I couldn’t sleep” because there were many emotions. “I saw him behind the scenes and I was just like them”, I was nervous. “Even as the years pass, that feeling, that stage fright will never go away, it will only get worse.” He gave them some advice: “The road has just begun and it’s so long. This is a pick and a shovel. Talent without work is nothing,” the artist told them. “The mistake” is to stop working, and “they have to reinvent themselves every day”. Years have passed and I still know nothing”.

Tears for controversy and “hate” on the networks

importance sanity Fortunately, it is increasingly featured on social and media forums. The twins were the last to highlight this issue. Twin Melody and Aritz. two teenagers they couldn’t stop crying -shared by Aritz– when you remember hate and negative messages which they received from some social network users.


Benidorm Fest 2023: Twin Melody and Aritz tears for ‘hate’ on social networks
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“we too they threw a lot of ‘hate’ at us and the truth is that it is not easy at all… We would be happy if people who do not destroy people but support people for the mental health of the next #BenidormFest contestants are included. aytana“We’ve had bad times too,” he admitted and hung up the microphone. Paula.

“You always say don’t hate, don’t hate but then people are given a voice They really harassed him all the time.” He interrupted when he saw his sister collapse to the ground in the middle of the press conference and burst into tears. Aritz Aren they melted in a hug. The Valencian singer ironically concluded that she felt “very proud” but said, “it’s true there have been a lot of devastating comments and we’re so sorry but hey…”.

Although his name was never mentioned, many interpreted these contestants’ statements as a criticism of the controversial youtuber’s choice. Malbert What Event reviewer for TikTok.

It was the singer who clearly pointed to him. sufferingWhen asked if he was ready to receive a wave of criticism for being the favourite, he replied, “I don’t have to prepare for anything. They are the ones who need to be trained.“, referring to those who spread hate on social networks.

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