Benidorm Fest 2023: Where to park for free during festival week?

This Benidorm Festival 2023 just around the corner and the participants are already packing their bags to spend a few days in the tourist capital and attend the meeting. Musical event attended by the next candidate from Spain eurovision. Some will choose the train or bus as a means of transport to reach the municipality, but many “fans” with their own tools. So knowing where to park the car will be among the most sought after in the city. But is it possible to park for free during festival week?

If it is possible. there is a city 7,000 parking spaces at free park and ride parks Distributed between West and East. A total of 36 places to leave the car do not cost a single euro. It is added to them some free parking streets in the neighborhoods. However, there are also most of the streets in the blue zone in the town; and also for residents (painted orange or green) where only registered residents with a residence card can park. Public parking lots with projected rates, such as l’Aigüera or Ametlla de Mar in the offer; and other special

Among the free parking spaces distributed by the City Council throughout the municipality, there are a dozen near the main locations Parallel events such as EuroClub concerts will take place; Moreover near The semi-final with 18 nominees and the place where the grand final will be played At Palau d’Esports l’Illa de Benidorm.

The fastest can find a vacancy in one of the three park-and-ride parks closest to this sports ground, where Benidorm Fest’s main events will take place. Palau is located next to the school district. The city of Salt de l’Aigua and Camí del Salt de l’Aigua, there are two more car parks for 321 cars and 45 cars. “Saturday’s semi-final and grand final celebrations coincide with students’ out-of-school hours, are held in the afternoon and on Saturday, and there is minimal vehicle access to that training area at that time, so there will be Greater space availability”, Mobility Council Member José Ramón González de Zárate stated.

There is a new car park a few meters away. European Community Street with a capacity of more than 600 cars. The mayor of Mobility announced that the “Palau parking lot will be left alone for the organization of the Festival”. However, he claimed there are “many more options around” or others where you only need to walk a few minutes.

This is the state of the parking lot on the street. Francisco Llorca Antón, next to the bus station and fire station, with 335 seats. A few meters away is the 100-seat Passeig de Els Tolls. And 304 more places on Calle Italia. “The street on this street is very close to Palau, it’s parked and you can reach the place where the Benidorm Festival is held from the crosswalk,” said the mayor.

As for the concerts that will take place in one of the nightclubs in Istanbul. Valencia Community Boulevard, There is also vacant space there: more than 100 spaces in this area next to the Séquia Mare park. Those who don’t mind walking will also have this option if they attend the Palau d’Esports galas.

Other places where you can leave the car

Parking options are more extensive as you move further away from Palau and followers of Benidorm Fest don’t mind dropping the car a little further away from the main stages, but close to other locations such as Benidorm Palace or hotels or apartments. they stay. Car parks on Calle Jaén or Calle Lérida (177 places)The Comunidad Valenciana street offers more parking, a few minutes’ walk away. A little further away, on Avenida Juan Fuster Zaragoza, with 174 parking spaces; or 134 more on Avenida Bernat de Sarrià.

Deterrent parking on Jaén street in Benidorm. david revenge

Added to all this is the furthest away, not counting the large parking lot on Avenida. Beniardà, now for residents only For the work done in this area to bury the road traffic. At Poniente, there are more options for participants to leave their vehicles and travel to selected destinations by bus or taxi.

Benidorm Fest participants will not only take into account where to park, also areas where the speed is reduced to 20 or 30 kilometers per hour and others where the pedestrian has priority. If you’re staying or visiting the city centre, streets like the Mediterráneo are reserved for pedestrians, even if vehicles are circling. The predicted speed of other roads, such as the European Community Boulevard near Palau, is 30 kilometers per hour. So we’ll have to be careful and push the accelerator a little bit.

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