Solovyov called Slepakov “nit” after a song about a dead soldier 12:10

TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov, broadcast on Russia 1 channel, called comedian Semyon Slepakov “nit” because of the lullaby song about a dead Russian soldier, which was recently posted on social networks.

Solovyov condemned the humorist in his author’s program. “You poor, vile bastard. he’s not human. It’s just a piece of shit. And you look at them and after all, you think for how many years they’ve been taking money from anyone, from all the authorities, right here with a smack. Sema, you know, of course, you’ve never you are not a peasant, you are a very miserable, vile animal, ”- quotes TV presenter “Fontanka”.

Semyon Slepakov released a video with the song on January 24. Slepakov’s song mimics a lullaby a mother sings to her three-year-old son, telling the boy about his brothers, one of whom died while participating in a special military operation in Ukraine.

Alexander Karabanov, later director of the National Historical Heritage Conservation Fund. declarationHe asked the head of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, Alexander Bastrykin, to conduct a preliminary investigation check on the producer and humorist.

Source: Gazeta


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