Tricicle lowers the veil between emotions and laughter

Lower the curtain for good with a full Barcelona Liceu Theater and public stance. This is the image that the people of Barcelona will take away. Joan Gràcia (1957), Paco Mir (1957) and Carles Sans (1955) inside that Last performance as Tricicle this Sunday 4th December. It was a night full of emotion and laughter. Threesome with him finished with this “Ship explosion!” Final at the Grand Theatre presenting ‘HITS’ for the last time, a maximum mix of the best jokes from all of their shows, sold out within a few hours without even advertising.

Covid interrupted his farewell in 2020 At the Colosseum and this was the last chance to say goodbye to the famous Catalan trio. After just five performances in Liceu, this Sunday’s show was one with lots of friends sitting in the seats. bright peak of his career together on stage.

Singing legends like Joan Manuel Serrat, writers like Eduardo Mendoza and Boris Izaguirre, athletes like Àlex Corretja and Ona Carbonell, comedians like Barça president Joan Laporta, Andreu Buenafuente and Carlos Latre, and actors like José Corbacho, Cayetana Guillén Cuervo and Sílvia Abrila’ Tricicle accompanied him in his farewell.

There are many laughs harvested from them. It starts in 1979. Many good vibes and ideas have been studied, polished and rehearsed down to the smallest detail to achieve the greatest connection with the public with the minimum of gestures and expressions. And despite how well they knew each other 43 years later, they can’t help but laugh at a trickIt also infects the audience.

The applause at these last functions was different, gratitude for all the good moments created in shows like this one “Manicòmic”, “Exit”, “Slastic”, “Awesome”, “Entretres”, “Sit Down”, “Garrick” and “Bits”. As soon as people saw them on stage, they turned around and realized that an extraordinary phenomenon of intelligence had come to an end and the intimacy between the three people. humor “cracks”.

More than 450 theaters in 20 countries

The data summarizes Tricicle’s career with over 4.2 million viewers, 6,200 performances, 450 theaters visited in 20 countries, and 300 jokes per show. According to ‘Triple’ (Click). Make a gesture. Humor. The Lenguaje’, which was created as a result of a magnificent exhibition held in Palau Robert, is the average number of laughs in their performances. 675 laughs, every eight seconds. Like comedians, Joglars, or Dagoll Dagom and La Fura dels Baus, who announced their retirement in 2024, Tricicle has left its mark on a before and after.

They made the audience laugh from start to finish at Liceurefresh some numbers Music included by Rosalíaand inviting people to participate in one of the tricks that made them famous: the gestural, clown version of Julio Iglesias’ song “I’m a Trojan, I’m a man”. A must’. Tricicle leaves at the height of his form, leaves the mansion high and is making a documentary.

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