Pension Fund reminded of recalculation of payments for working pensioners in August

Pensions of working retirees to be recalculated in August 2022, reports DEA News” With reference to the PFR Department for the city of Moscow and the Moscow Region.

“Insured retirees who pay insurance premiums to the Pension Fund by their employees and employers in 2021 can benefit from the increase. In the Moscow region, from 08/01/2022, such a recalculation will be made for 1.3 million working pensioners.

In this case, the increase will be of an individual nature, unlike indexation with a certain percentage increase in the pension.

“This applies to both employees and self-employed – lawyers, notaries, individual entrepreneurs and others who work in private practice and pay contributions “for themselves”, said the FIU.

Former leader of Just Russia – For Truth faction Sergei Mironov expressed confidenceHe reported that the draft law on the payment of the 13th pension will be considered by the State Duma in the autumn.

Source: Gazeta


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