Russians were called products that would increase in price in the fall

Plekhanova Maria Dolgova, Associate Professor of Finance and Prices at PRUE, in an interview with GV Ajans “Hitting the Primer” He said that vegetables and fruits that ripen in the middle of summer continue to get cheaper in Russia. According to his forecasts, prices will continue to fall for only late ripening products in the fall, while many other things may start to rise in price.

As the expert noted, many Russian goods “depend” on imported equipment, packaging and materials.

“Margarine prices depend on the cost of palm oil; Beer – hops purchased abroad. Imported components have a large share in the cost of cheese, sausage and confectionery products.

According to him, the cost of these and a number of other products may increase by autumn.

Dolgova also drew attention to the fact that the prices of packaging materials continue to increase. He said their prices also affect the cost of the final product.

Also, imported foodstuffs – tea, coffee, fruit and others – were at risk. Their costs depend on harvesting, logistics costs and imposed restrictions.

Previously at the National Rating Agency (NRA) estimated 5% increase in chicken prices in Russia in the second half of the year.

Source: Gazeta


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