The National Bank of Ukraine has banned traders from displaying exchange rates on the scoreboard.

The National Bank of Ukraine has banned non-banking entities from displaying exchange rates on their leaderboards. TASSreferring to the editor’s website.

“The National Bank of Ukraine is tightening the requirements for non-banking financial institutions and postal operators trading in cash (currency exchange) currency values,” the message reads.

It has been clarified that information on foreign exchange buying or selling rates must be made available to the public in the form of a copy of the rate determination order or order.

The bank explained that this information should be placed exclusively on the cashiers of institutions, non-bank financial institutions and postal operators should not hang this information outside of their safes and should “draw extra attention to them by any numerical value”. and symbols.”

The regulator explained that the measure was dictated by an artificial increase in the exchange rate.

former experts declarationHe said devaluation of the hryvnia would increase inflation and affect the unofficial exchange rate.

Source: Gazeta


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