BVC issuers with the highest profitability when paying dividends

In March, the partners of the issuers of the Colombian Stock Exchange (BVC) met at regular meetings to approve dividend projects that included, among other things, the amount to be distributed per share, also known as dividends.

The return, which can be given in economic terms or in the number of shares, is the right of the shareholders of a company that aims to create value from the investment of a portion of each partner’s capital in the company. In the long run, the payout is intended to encourage more share purchases and the arrival of new investors through the public market.

To calculate the profitability offered by each company, the dividends each shareholder will receive must be divided by the share price in the stock market. The result of this operation must be multiplied by 100 to get the percentage value.

The stock offering the highest profitability while making these payments for 2022 is Terpel with a dividend of $1,140 and a return of 11%. It is followed by Corficolombiana, preferably with a $2,260 dividend and 9.89% yield; Preferential Hunting Villas with 8.67%; Bbva Colombia preferred with 8.16%; Corficolombiana with 8.02%; Ecopetrol with 7.96%; Bancolombia preferred with 7.96%; Bbva Colombia with 7.95%; Av Villas with 7.80% and Grupo Energía Bogotá with 7.73%.

According to Sharon Vargas, a market analyst, shareholders often have a return not only because of the dividend, but also because of price volatility. “What is sought in any type of investment is to beat inflation, so if that factor is greater than what is earned in return, there is no economic benefit to the shareholder,” he added.

In contrast, those that will offer lower profitability despite moving in the green numbers are Colombian Enka with $0.35 dividend and 1.46% yield; Canacol Energy with 1.71%; Bolivar Group with 1.93%; Grupo Nutresa with 2.04%; Sura Group, with 2.21%; Electrical Interconnection with 3.10%; Grupo Exito with 3.12%; preferential Davivienda with 3.27%; Priority Grupo Sura with 3.42% and Grupo Argos with 3.60%.

Vargas added, “Maximum dividends are due to the fact that financial results are very positive, a natural behavior due to the recovery of the economy after the covid-19 pandemic. A large part of Colcap, represented by Grupo Empresarial Antioqueño, is promoting better returns in response to takeover offers. taking into account partners.”

Source: Lare Publica


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