Global66 launches as a multi-currency digital wallet in Colombia

Cross-border payments fintech Global66 has officially launched its mobile app in Colombia, starting operations in the country and consolidating its expansion in Latin America.

The application is an integrated digital wallet It will add agility to the remittance market, avoiding limitations such as costs and reliability, by allowing multi-currency and users to send or receive money to different parts of the world.

“Our aim is to be at the service of users and small and medium-sized companies that have historically been financially neglected and today demand flexible offers that respond to the needs of globalization and access to large-scale opportunities,” says Tomás Bercovich. , co-founder and CEO of Global66.

Therefore, Global66’s commitment is that users have the ability to make international transfers within minutes from their iOS or Android device, send money to more than 60 destinations without having to travel and at competitive market rates.

“Whether it is for people who send financial support to loved ones every month, students who are making their professional path abroad, or entrepreneurs who want to internationalize their business or access human talent from other countries, an App like Global66 represents that commitment to progress through financial inclusion,” said Bercovich.

One of the features of this wallet is that it is a multi-currency that protects themselves from other currencies, responding to the need of users to convert money into different currencies such as dollars or euros without having to bear the cost of opening or maintenance. inflation..

“The inflation-related devaluation in Latin America is a reality that constantly affects people and companies, but finding solutions that will allow us to face it is no easy task. With offerings such as our multi-currency digital wallet, we seek to facilitate access to universal currencies to expand the possibilities for growth, support and economic stability for Colombians,” added Bercovich.

People will only be able to open an account on the platform with their ID or foreign number. With its arrival in Colombia, Global66 expects to generate 100,000 new active customers, 400,000 remittances and over one million transactions.

“We worked for more than 2 years to reach this moment in Colombia. We set out with very simple, small but very big goals and objectives. Today Colombia is one of our main routes. We also have the mandate of the Financial Inspectorate of Colombia to operate as a Company specializing in electronic deposits and payments (Sedpe),” said María Camila Gómez, Country Manager for Global66 Colombia.

And he concluded that “this is a joint effort, we have more than 80 Colombian talents and more than 250 talents from other countries working to create one of the most innovative and useful applications that can make life easier for society.”

Source: Lare Publica


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