Tokens began to be used for square meters of commercial real estate in Russia 04/15/2024, 20:09

Alfa-Bank tokenized square meters of commercial real estate (KazanMall shopping and entertainment center) for the first time on the A-Token platform. The issuer of the transaction was the owner of the shopping mall, G-Group’s development holding company. This was reported by the bank’s press service.

The price of a digital financial asset (DFA) will be 5.5 thousand rubles, and the maximum settlement volume will be 350.3 million rubles. The maturity of the digital asset is one year. Profitability is expected to be higher than 14.5% per annum and will not limit maximum returns.

Alfa-Bank explained that the essence of such transactions is to tokenize rental income from commercial real estate.

By purchasing digital square meters of commercial real estate, the investor becomes a “virtual” home owner.

The advantage of the investment is that there are no restrictions on the management and maintenance of the objects and the receipt of income, defined as net operating income per share of property area.

The A-Token platform is Alfa-Bank’s own platform for working with digital financial services. 112 DFAs were issued on A-Token for a total amount of RUB 53.83 billion; This is more than 50% of the total volume in Russia, which exceeds RUB 85 billion.

The bank explained that the protection of investors’ rights is ensured through monthly transfers for payments to investors from the organization that regulates rent flows for subsequent targeted use to a collateral account at Alfa-Bank.

DFAs are open to Alfa-Bank customers who are qualified investors.

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Source: Gazeta


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