Council of Corficolombiana approves dividend payment of $2,260 per share for 2022

This Monday, March 28, General Assembly corficolombana approved a $2,260 dividend in common or preferred stock.

Out of 323.436.106 shares outstanding as of 31 December last year, it will be paid at the rate of one share for every 12.460.177 ordinary shares. Preference shares are paid in title, at the rate of one share for every 10,030,976 shares.

Likewise, the House announced its consolidated investment of $2.24 trillion in 2021, with the company creating 31,252 jobs in its five most dynamic industries in which it invests: infrastructure, energy and gas, hotels, agribusiness and finance.

During the assembly, the Sustainable Corficolombiana Strategy, implemented taking into account five pillars, was highlighted: efficient and profitable investments that support the development of the country; trust relationships with interest groups; ethical and responsible decision making; strengthening the environment and good use of resources and the well-being of collaborators.

Last year, Corficolombiana issued its first $500,000 million social bond issue; first reported to the Carbon Disclosure Project; The company has become carbon neutral and $73,300 million has been invested in social programs that benefit 431,026 people and 239 communities.

Fiduciaria Corficolombiana, on the other hand, achieved outstanding results, with business activities in the structured trust reaching pre-pandemic levels. Casa de Bolsa strengthened its client business, placing the company second in the market for the volume of shares traded among all brokers in the country.

Source: Lare Publica


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