Helm Bank grows more than 40% in new business and will strengthen its commercial strategy

Helm Bank USA has grown by over 40% in Colombia over the past two years and plans to strengthen its commercial strategy with new products such as loans for commercial real estate purchases and diversify its investment portfolio in 2022.

Currently serving its customers in more than 60 countries, the bank provides services in terms of opening dollar accounts and mortgage loans that they can make from their country of residence, especially in Latin America.

For business customers in Colombia, Helm Bank USA It has a specialized field in foreign exchange and a technological tool that facilitates the presentation of reports required by compensation accounts.

“Helm Bank USA experience combines the power of the North American financial system with customer expectations and regulations in force in Colombia. This is how our comprehensive strategy, characterized by enduring guidance, continuing education for our clients, and the development of technological tools, allows us to accompany our clients in the optimal management of their investments in the United States.” Banking Officer at Helm Bank USA

Among the main benefits that such products offer abroad are alternative collateral against the volatility of the Colombian peso against the dollar, the possibility of obtaining a mortgage loan in the United States based on credit alone, without the need for a credit history. customer’s local income, permanent support in compensation accounts as well as mortgage loans with competitive financing rates.

Source: Lare Publica


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