More than 42% of Scotiabank Colpatria customers have savings or checking accounts

Data provided by Scotiabank Colpatria’s Analytics team shows 919,146 customers as of February this year. Scotiabank Colpatria42% have savings and/or checking accounts at the bank.

During the analysis period, customers used this product to perform an average of two transactions for payments, purchases, and withdrawals. Relatedly, in 2021, the business’ customers opened approximately 111,000 savings or current accounts, including data for the first months of 2022, when women opened 28,000 accounts.

With an ongoing economic recovery, the propensity to save normalizes and we see a positive behavior in the average balances of savers. “Our commitment is to continue to offer women real savings products that they will have their resources for, without any discounts for payments related to transaction fees, interbank transfers or balance inquiries, among others,” said Jaime Alberto Upegui, president of Scotiabank Colpatria. .

Likewise, the company has once again joined the program to create growth and opportunities for the country’s girls. ‘One Day President’ Plan Foundation, a strategic ally of the Bank in Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns.

In this event, framed in Women’s month, a young 16-year-old student, Paula, served as president of Scotiabank Colpatria for a day. who gave their thoughts on women’s empowerment and leadership.

For more than six years, Scotiabank Colpatria has been working to reduce the gender gap. As of February this year, this strategy has ensured that 59% of the Bank’s employees are women, 52% of the executive vice presidents and 55% of the executive board in the vice president position are women. represented by the female gender.

Source: Lare Publica


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