According to analysts, the price of the dollar will reach an average of $ 3,797 this week.

According to analysts consulted by LR, the dollar will trade at an average of $3,797 this week. The market continues to pay attention to the headlines about the situation between Russia and Ukraine, as well as the progress of the Kremlin’s attacks and a possible nuclear threat.

“Buyers will watch whether stocks will recover despite the signals sent by the market. fed “Amid high global inflation, skyrocketing commodity prices, and low signs that the war is over, the ability to fight inflation without pushing the economy into recession,” said Andrés Herrera, vice president of Colfunds Investments.

Regarding the euro, its price will average $4,162 as economic data will continue to be fragile as economic data begins to collapse.

“The euro will not recover until a meaningful ceasefire in the Ukraine war is achieved. Oanda’s senior analyst Edward Moya said risk appetite must come back before investors can bet on the euro again.

By oil barrel American WTI will be priced at $113 after reports that a bullet had hit a Saudi Aramco site. The Yemeni Houthis said they were behind the attack.

“This is the second attack This week “Moya raises concerns that the energy market may be subject to a major attack, as in 2019, which cuts off about half of Saudi Arabia’s output,” said Moya.

It seems that the oil market will not be able to allay fears of deterioration anytime soon, which indicates that prices may continue to rise strongly next week, especially if geopolitical tensions in Ukraine continue.

Msci Colcap stock index will reach an average of 1,563 points

Colombian Stock Exchange’s (BVC) Msci Colcap stock index will average 1,563 points this week after breaking the 1,600-point barrier on Friday last week. Factors that will influence its move include the development of the election period, particularly high raw material and oil prices, and the approval of the Gilinski Group’s third round of takeover bids for Nutresa and Sura issuers. of the Antioqueño Business Group, which occupies almost 50% of the metre.

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