Contactless transactions increased 200% in Colombia last year, according to Visa

general manager for Visa In Colombia, Adriana Cárdenas noted that contactless transactions in the country increased by 200% last year compared to 2020, which shows that consumers and merchants are increasingly adopting the use of this technology.

“At Visa, we have identified an increasing trend in usage and demand for digital payments, where contactless payments, P2P (person-to-person) payments, use of digital wallets and use of messaging apps are increasing exponentially. Colombia was no exception”, Cárdenas said.

He also drew attention to the fact that digital participation and increasing interest in payment technologies is not a behavior specific to the local consumer. In the fourth wave of its Consumer Mindset survey, the company found that users in Latin America and the Caribbean were interested in using innovative and easy-to-use methods such as contactless payments (57%), digital wallets in physical stores (48). %) and in online stores (45%).

Consumers surveyed were also interested in adding new payment features that could fit into their increasingly digital lives, such as a mobile app for international bank transfers (47%), digital identity tools (45%) to protect data/confirm purchases, delivery using delivery. drones/robots (34%) and voice authentication (31%) to confirm food delivery transactions.

Finally, Visa’s Colombian manager stated that the company has contributed to closing the gender gap. “For example, today 49% of Visa’s total workforce in Latin America and the Caribbean is female; and six of the 12 largest markets in the region are run by women. Globally, five of the 10 direct reports from the CEO are from this population. It is an honor to contribute to building a more inclusive and diverse work environment.”

Source: Lare Publica


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