Murashko said the Ministry of Health will propose changes to the pay system for doctors.

The Ministry of Health of Russia will work on proposals to change the wage structure of health workers, within the framework of the draft federal budget for 2023. About author TASS with reference to the message of Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko.

“As part of the work on the 2023 federal budget draft, the Ministry of Health will prepare the relevant proposals,” the minister said.

The head of the department canceled that the issue will be discussed with the representatives of the health sector and related structures.

On June 18, Russian President Vladimir Putin, declaration about the need to think of ways to update the compensation system of health workers. He then pointed out that the authorities should pay more attention to the production of medical equipment in the country.

In addition, Putin promised to increase the amount of money allocated for the development of medicine in Russia. The President emphasized that the improvement of the healthcare system is one of the key areas for the Russian authorities.

Source: Gazeta


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