FAS noted the advantages of separating IKEA from Russia

Maxim Shaskolsky, Head of the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS), said in an interview: RBCHe said the departure of the Swedish company IKEA would foster healthy competition among Russian furniture manufacturers.

He noted that IKEA “squeezed” the market for itself – Russian production and furniture trade did not show proper development. According to Shaskolsky, there are separate good manufacturing facilities in Russia, but their competence to trade through specialized shopping centers with a range of related services at the IKEA level has not been developed.

“On the one hand, foreign companies add competition. But they also often create risks of market monopolization,” stressed the head of the FAS.

The head of FAS pointed out that after the departure of the Swedish company, competition will arise in the Russian furniture market, and manufacturers will develop their sales areas and services.

In March 2022, IKEA suspended its activities in Russia. According to the company’s statement, the chain’s stores will remain closed until the end of August. 15 June became knownHe said the company has sold four factories in Russia and scaled down its business in the Russian Federation.

Source: Gazeta


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