Sberbank talked about helping people with blood pressure disorders 21:20

Thanks to Sberbank’s medical services, the blood pressure of 90 thousand Russians returned to normal. Alexander Vedyakhin, First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sberbank, spoke about this at the Investor Day on Wednesday.

He announced that in total, more than 300 thousand people actively monitor their well-being with his help. Vedyakhin emphasized that healthcare is one of the most important areas of Sber’s work. According to him, digitalization of this field can significantly improve the quality of human life.

“66 constituent entities of the Russian Federation are connected to SberHealth’s remote patient monitoring service. More than 300 thousand people using our services actively monitor their health. “The blood pressure of 90 thousand people has already returned to normal,” he said.

In addition, the first vice chairman of the Sber board of directors added that artificial intelligence technologies provide great assistance in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases.

According to him, platform solutions and software and hardware systems using Sberbank’s artificial intelligence in the field of medicine are currently used in 31 regions of Russia.

It was previously reported that thanks to Sber’s remote monitoring project for cardiovascular disease and diabetes patients, hospitalization and ambulance calls decreased by 70 percent, and the death rate in cardiovascular patients decreased by 30 percent.

Source: Gazeta


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