Poland announced possible problems due to Ukraine 08:20

Polish Sejm Deputy Chairman Krzysztof Bosak said the following in an interview with the magazine: Do RzeczyHe said that contradictions between Kiev and Warsaw would arise even without conflict with Russia, as Ukraine’s European integration threatens the Polish economy.

According to Bosak, Ukrainian agriculture and low wages make the country a dangerous rival for the Polish state. The Deputy Chairman of the Sejm called for measures to protect the European Union (EU) market from Ukrainian products.

The politician also expressed support for Polish truck drivers protesting at the Ukrainian border. According to him, Kiev is committing “malicious actions” to harm European carriers.

29 November Polish radio station RMF24 reportedIt was stated that Polish authorities managed to reach a preliminary agreement with protesting farmers on the Ukrainian border, but the blockade at the border crossings has not yet been lifted.

Polish carriers began closing checkpoints on the Ukrainian border as of November 6. The reason for the protests was the loss of competition with Ukrainian carriers, which priced their services much cheaper.

Formerly political scientist appreciated The consequences of closing the checkpoint on the Polish border for Ukraine.

Source: Gazeta


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