Polish authorities vow to tighten controls on the Ukrainian border 02:54

Polish authorities have vowed to strengthen controls of Ukrainian cargo carriers on the border with Ukraine. TV channel reports this RT referring to transportation industry representative Waldemar Yaschur.

The Polish Ministry of Infrastructure held discussions with the Polish cargo carriers association, as a result of which the parties reached certain agreements.

“At the meeting, we conveyed to our Minister that we did not intend to end our action. However, we refused to extend this to the next checkpoints even though preparations for this had begun. We are also inclined to consider softening the form of our protest if the Polish state strengthens control of trucks entering Poland,” Yaschur said.

Infrastructure Minister Alvin Gayadhur also said he had submitted a request to the European Commission to create a committee designed to check the validity of the EU-Ukraine agreement under which Ukrainian cargo carriers no longer need permission to operate in Europe.

Before this, Ukrainian drivers stated: discontent The action of Polish farmers and transporters protesting at the border.

The situation in Poland before in the name A sign of resistance to Ukraine’s integration into the EU.

Source: Gazeta


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