It has been revealed where the cheapest flight tickets are sold for the New Year’s holiday 10:54

The most affordable flight destination From Moscow across Russia During the January long weekend from January 1 to January 8 Nizhny Novgorod. You can find return flight tickets here: 4 800 rubles per adult. These data were provided to by the press service of the online flight ticket booking service Aviasales. They named eight more Russian and foreign cities to which you can fly cheaply during the New Year holidays.

According to the service, the top 3 budget destinations in Russia for flights from the capital include Pskov and St. Petersburg. It is also located in St. Petersburg. Flight Pskov handle 7 thousand IN ruble Saint PetersburgFrom 9 800 ruble

Close to Abroad

The cheapest flight to Belarus for travelers from Moscow to neighboring countries – tickets Minsk and I came back for vacation From 14 300 ruble Kazakh Aktau the inhabitants of the capital may fly away From 24 200 ruble The three most budget-friendly destinations abroad have been completed Fergana (Uzbekistan), where tickets are sold From 26 000 ruble

far abroad

For almost the price of a flight to Uzbekistan you can go further – to Iran Teheran (From 28 200 ruble). According to the most popular long-distance destination among Russians, Istanbulcost of direct flight tickets From 41 600 The ruble Turkish metropolis is also popular due to the large number of flights to European countries. Including the top three long-distance destinations available Cairo (Egypt) with ticket From 53 700 ruble

“The demand for air tickets from tourists who buy on their own has increased during the upcoming holiday period. This year, the share of all New Year’s Eve reservations increased by 40% compared to last year. The most popular domestic popular destinations remained unchanged throughout the year. These are traditionally Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Kaliningrad and Mineralnye Vody. “However, this year, among foreign destinations, neighboring countries have become more popular than Turkey, and China has become one of the most booked destinations.”

The company analyzed the cost of near and far international tickets in Russia in November 2023. In each category, the three most accessible directions were selected.

Previously “” saidWhere Russians will go for the New Year holiday.

Source: Gazeta


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