A complaint was made to the Chief Public Prosecutor due to the sharp increase in the cadastral value of commercial real estate 11:33

Russian Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov said that the multiple increase in the tax burden on businesses is unreasonable. Entrepreneurs in the Ulyanovsk region write that they have complained hundreds, or even thousands, of times about the increase in cadastral valuation of real estate “News”.

“When evaluating the cadastre, it is important to maintain a balance between the interests of the business world and the interests of the state. I believe that such a balance will be found,” said Krasnov.

According to the head of the supervisory authority, the central office of the Prosecutor General’s Office will participate in resolving the issue at the federal level. The publication stated that the prosecutor’s office will check the validity of the multiple increase in the cadastral price of commercial real estate.

Pavel Mayorov, director of the Ulyanovsk poultry farm “Personal”, said at a meeting with the Prosecutor General that the cadastral value of the assets of the enterprise is several times higher than the market value and called the calculation methodology “incomprehensible and incomprehensible.” As the most striking example, he cited the valuation of the two-kilometer water pipeline, which has increased by 13 thousand times and now amounts to 19 million rubles.

According to Mayorov, prices for other factory facilities have increased by 60 to 100 times. If the company has to pay these amounts to the budget, it will cause production to stop.

A moratorium on the increase in the cadastral value of objects in Russia is in force from 2020 until the end of 2023. In preparation for its abolition, the regions re-evaluated the cadastre, which led to a significant increase in the case of the Ulyanovsk region. rates.

In 2022, the Ministry of Finance proposed get tax From all real estate of the enterprise according to the cadastre.

The expert had previously mentioned results non-payment of property taxes.

Source: Gazeta


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